Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics
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An astrophysical plasma modelling code.


Science and Programming:
Ralph Sutherland, Mike Dopita, David Nicholls, Brent Groves, Luc Binette, et al

		Creative Commons v4.0 International
		By Attribution, Share Alike
		1976 -- 2022+ Ralph Sutherland,
		Michael Dopita, Luc Binette, Ian Evans,
		Brent Groves, David Nicholls,
		Adam D. Thomas, Yi-Fei Jin, Knox Long

MAPPINGS Downloads

Note the
repository is always the primary reference and most up to date. Major stable versions appear here.


MAPPINGS V v5.2.0 public


Quick Start Compiling and Running:

Download v5.2.0 code direct from archive with the link above, or use MAPPINGS Downloads which gives secure sha256 checksums to validate with.

Unzip and then :

    > cd mappings_V-520public
    > make build`

[wait a while…]

[for a faster build try make -j build if your make supports it]

Local build test to confirm build...

> cd ~/mappings520
> cd lab
> ./map52
Once the home area is running, the download zipp and build/make areas are no longer required and may be deleted.

Normal running in home area

The run area is now in the user home area not the location where mappings_V-520public is downloaded and built, a directory called ~/mappings520 in the users home area is created if needed, and now contains the runtime files for both classical lab operation and for general scripts. Otherwise siimilar to mappinsg 5.1.x below. The home area in the users unix/linux home area doesn't need super user permission to run globally, a bash shell script is created to add to the users .bashrc or .profile as needed then map52 will run in any location and use the data and other runtime files in ~/mappings520. This allows grid scripts to run in multiple directories. Other installs into /usr/local or /opt/local are still possible but may require admin access.


To remove the MAPPINGS installation simply and leave user files

		> make uninstall
Or to remove totally simply delete the `~/mappings520` directory, and the downloads. remove any .bashrc or .profile edits.


Download v5.1.21 code direct from archive with the link above, or use MAPPINGS Downloads which gives secure sha256 checksums to validate with.

Unzip and then :

Quick Start Compiling and Running:

    > cd mappings_V-5121/src
    > make build`

[wait a while…]

> cd ../lab
> ./map51

Installing so map51 can run anywhere:

> cd mappings_V-5121/src
> make build
> sudo make install

This copies map51 into /usr/local/bin so it can be run from any location by all users of the computer. It also creates copies of the essential lab directories; data, atmos, and abund, into /usr/local/share.

When running map51, you can run locally in lab/ (note ./map51)

> cd ../lab
> ./map51

and it will find the local map.prefs, data, abund etc old scripts will work as before.

With the /local installed option you can use any directory

(note plain map51) ie:

> cd
> mkdir test
> cd test
> map51

If mappings finds a local data file it will use those, otherwise it will fallback to use the shared copy, so you can still maintain a custom set of data and abundances etc or use the standard shared set.


To remove the shared installation simply

> sudo make uninstall

. To remove the local copy simply delete the mappings/ directory

The Mappings directory structure:





Shared: (optional with sudo make install)


Key Directories and Files: